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Eternalised on paper…


86 public figures from all over the world have had their comments eternalised in the Free State of Saxony's guestbook. The first entry was made by former Federal President Dr Richard Freiherr von Weizsäcker on 13 February 1991. In the years that followed, the guestbook also was also signed by personalities such as former US president Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, and King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. The most recent entry is that of former South African president Frederik Willem de Klerk, made in April 2017.

A woman is scanning each page of the guestbook.
Every page of the guestbook has been scanned.  © SLUB

With the help of the Saxon State and University Library (SLUB), the dark green book with gold pages, otherwise only taken out of its display case for prestigious guests, was digitised in spring 2017. The government open day on 11 June 2017 enabled the interested public to get their first look at the digital book, which is now also available online.

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